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Test the most realistic bowling simulator!

 The gameplay physics is based on the throws of real-life bowling pros and maximum closed to the real game.
The imitation of the oil-covering of the lane provides the right hook.

3 game modes:
    * Single player
    * Play with friends (pass-n-play)
    * Play vs computer

Each mode offers two difficulty levels:
Easy mode – you can correct the ball's rotation after you've released the ball.
Hard mode – the correction of the ball after the throw is not available.
There're separate worldwide ratings and achievements for every difficulty mode.

- Classical 10 pin bowling (10 frames)
- Easy-to-manage interface and control
- Hook the ball
- Amazing Unreal Engine 4 graphics
- Detailed local statistics
- Play vs computer mode (comp's ability-level is adjustable)
- Play vs friends on the same device (2-4 players). Each player can choose his own ball
- Possibility to correct the ball rotation after the throw (easy mode)
- Independent worldwide ratings and achievements for every mode
- 21 balls
- 18 achievements

How to play: 
* Set the ball in the chosen position
* Slide your finger on the screen from the start-line towards the pins (speed is not important, main factors are touchpoint and drop-out). The longer is the distance between the first contact and drop-out, the faster goes the ball.
* In Easy mode it's possible to correct the ball rotation simply sliding left and right on the screen. Correction range depends on the first and last contact of the finger with the screen.
* If needed, you can spin the ball. The speed and spin rotation are controlled by the HOOK button.

Have you endured long reading to this point? Then download and enjoy! :)

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